Laura Fischman
PearsThree PearsSole Thanksgiving Survivor (red onion)TomatoesPlums WatermelonLaundryLaundry PinsA Pair of PinsClothes Pins on LineClothes PinsGrey Days (Thinking about Morandi)Oil Can (2)Oil Can (1)Oil Can (3)Jug and Clothes PinDishSmall pitcher and cupBlue MugThree PitchersSucculentThinking about springWinter FlowersFlower in PotPlantPlant in the CornerWinter Flowers, 2.Pear, Lemon and GrapesLemonClementinesCara Cara OrangesBeetsLemon (zested) and DishShallotGarlicLemon slice/Green CupLemon on Blue Plate
Still Life Paintings
These one-sitting, quick paintings began after the election in 11/16. They are my search to connect with the tangible and direct in extremely turbulent times.