Laura Fischman
St. JohnA Rainy DriveThe StripCommutingOn the WayGoodbye VermontThe Burren 4The Burren 2The Burren 5Ascent (The Burren)The Burren 3The Burren 1The Burren WatercolorRoad TripUp the HillInterior Red UmbrellaCape Cod BayA Day in VermontSummer ScapeSoggySydney Harbor (triptych)Tree at DawnInstitutional LightFourth of July (diptych)Signs of SpringBright Lights - Approaching TownRemnantsSpring ApproachFields (from train)Cone and Electrical BoxNight StrollHomes in MedfordAllston sketchBorders and WallsTrying to Stay Afloat (Thinking about Orange)Dusk Comes EarlyPink PuddleOld ClassroomAround the BendNight ApproachHow far is far enough?7/4/17A break in the stormUntitledClearingSun Coming OutEvergreenUntitled (Green)Untitled (Confronting My Chromophobia, II)Untitled (Purple Light; Confronting My Chromophobia, I)Squinting at the SunBeachsideRainy MondayPond (July, Cape Cod)The Greens of JulyGreen (yearning for Spring)Dusk (line of clouds)Sun Peaking ThroughFall (by the campfire #1)Fall (by the campfire, #2)UntitledTides As the fog begins to lift (Vermont)Late Dusk (Vermont)Icy SkiesIcy Skies - BeachIcy Skies and PathIcy Skies - Setting SunFrom here to thereOn Top, At the BottomLong Dawn3 PM I95Through the Fog (Tasmania)Up AheadFallFall (2)With, to, through.545 AM High tide, low sunSouth Dakota Across the MarshBoston (Citgo)ReflectionAs the light begins to change (seasons)Settling InQuietingFrom my windowWeather (Glow)Through the RainUntitled (from above)Through the NightDriving in the WinterThe FlatsSometimes there is relief in the rainDriving (Lights)Untitled (Ghent Sky)Untitled (Blue)The Icy Skies at Night(dis)illusioinAt the ICAThe Space of AnticipationUntitled (purple)UntitledBetween Here and There (2)Approach/AvoidanceWeather (lost)Past/Passed (snowdrift)PostBeyond DuskInterreflection/InnerreflectionInterreflection/Innerreflection (detail)Driving at Night (2)Night RainDiffusionNight FallsUntitled (purple) 2Bubbles & FoamUntitled (green)Night SkyWork Installed at Fourth Wall Project, April 2013Work Installed at Fourth Wall Project, April 2013
Works Installed at Fourth Wall Project, April 2013

Work Installed at Fourth Wall Project, April 2013
Works Installed at Fourth Wall Project, April 2013
Expanses of space and light; places are at once familiar and unknowable.

The stillness of a moment or a memory, its fleeting nature, and, ultimately the impossibility of controlling time. I engage with both that which can be represented and that which is invisible, hidden and internal – the intersection of the physical and the psychological.