Laura Fischman
Pins and Clipswith(in)between, installed at Gallery 110Untitled (we go together)Take a deep look.Predetermined/InevitableWalking with you/away from youWhat lies beneath?I see you everywhere...I knew it was a risk.A family of sorts.Untitled (point of entry)Structural IntegrityUntitledUntitled (sucker)Co-dependenceThe three of usUntitled (chemistry)Through…and together we fallInevitable DeteriorationLimited use value.One, Two, Three...Larger than larger, smaller than small.DownspoutThe failure of NarcissusThe heart of it allIf it were just that simple...Sometimes a sink is just a sinkUntitled (stairwell)We threeUntitled (waste removal)LadderThere is no there, thereIn the end, it's just you...A complete failure of communicationOutletPlugLighbulbDishObjects Installedwith(in)between, installed at Gallery 110with(in)between, installed at Gallery 110with(in)between, installed at Gallery 110
The quiet, the unspectacular and the imperfect. Calling attention to objects and moments that are easily ignored and overlooked – examining their insignificance and profound potency. In the banal, humanity – with all of its fallibilities and failings – is often most evident. Though often flawed, in the everyday there is stability, directness and honesty.