Laura Fischman
Three PlumsAt the Breakfast TableRussian Sage & PlumsBlue VaseYellow FlowersTomatoes (from a friend with a green thumb)Little Lone SucculentThinking About MorandiGreen FlowersFigs & FlowersScabiolaCloth and FlowersAging GracefullyPottery (Blue & White Bowl)Glass BottlesBlueberriesLemons on ClothWhite and Blue ObjectsFigsGlass Bottle with BrushSmall PitcherFlowers on YellowComplementsLimes and Cotton Candy GrapesHouseplantPlastic CupsThree FlowersPeonies in VaseOilcansClementines and BlueberriesPeoniesGreen FlowersGumball MachineLimes and Cotton Candy GrapesDisrupted Still Life IDisrupted Still Life IILittle Glass ObjectsYellowFading PeoniesSummer BouquetWhat RemainsEphemerality of FlowersLast Bits of Pink(Un)Still Life 12 (flowers for grieving)(Un)Still Life 17(Un)Still Life 13 (summer into fall)(Un)Still Life 14 (radishes)(Un)Still Life 7 (anniversary flowers)(Un)Still Life (after Morandi)(Un) Still Life 11 (fading pink flowers)(Un)Still Life 8 (fading flowers)(Un)Still Life 2(Un) Still Life 9(Un)Still Life 1(Un)Still Life 10 (flowers for an old friend)(Un)Still Life 6 (Un)Still Life (color)(Un)Still Life 18(Un)Still Life 4 (mom's vase)Unstill and Unsettled: A Flower for A Friend(Un)Still Life 15 (as summer fades away)(Un)Still Life 5(Un)Still Life 3(Un)Still Life 16(Un)Still Life 19Three VesselsFour PearsStill Life with Blue JugWe FourAging with Dignity: OnionFound TeddyStill Life with Pink and GreenBunnyFigs and GrapesRed Spring OnionsLocal Harvest (vegetables)Sweet Small PlumsSmall Plums on PinkRadishesA Pair of SucculentsLittle SucculentJade Cuttings in my WindowFernSucculent Blue PitcherBottles Vase on PlateFlowers in VaseFlowers (purple on yellow)Flowers (pink and yellow)Flowers in PaleFigsYellow FlowersFlowers in white vaseDish, spoon, lemonMug and ClementinesCoffee Cup and SaucerStill Life - WinterStill Life - ColorWedding FlowersWinter:  Flower and VaseSisyphusian Truck/OrangeStill Life (winter)Red: In Case of a Perilous Situation, Always Have Your Tools (duct tape, box of pencils and a screwdriver)Roadtrip in Blue: Prepared for Anything with Oil Can and Lip GoopEscapist Fantasy in Yellow: Coffee, Snacks, a Good Book and a Camper VanWinter Still LifePears (3)Pear, Grapes and BowlPearsThree PearsSole Thanksgiving Survivor (red onion)TomatoesClemetines and DishPlums WatermelonLaundryLaundry PinsA Pair of PinsClothes PinsClothes Pins on LineJug and Clothes PinOil Can (1)Oil Can (2)Oil Can (3)Oil CansGrey Days (Thinking about Morandi)DishSmall pitcher and cupBlue MugThree PitchersThinking about springWinter FlowersWinter Flowers, 2.Pear, Lemon and GrapesLemonClementinesBeetsLemon (zested) and DishShallotLemon slice/Green CupLemon on Blue PlatePink ChairObjects InstalledUntitled (we go together)Pins and ClipsTake a deep look.Predetermined/InevitableI see you everywhere...I knew it was a risk.A family of sorts.What lies beneath?UntitledUntitled (point of entry)Untitled (sucker)Co-dependenceThe three of usUntitled (chemistry)Structural Integrity…and together we fallThroughInevitable DeteriorationLimited use value.One, Two, Three...Larger than larger, smaller than small.The failure of NarcissusThe heart of it allDownspoutIf it were just that simple...Walking with you/away from youSometimes a sink is just a sinkA complete failure of communicationLighbulbPlugOutletDish
Still Lifes
Some of these paintings are of objects that catch my eye - often overlooked. Some I work on for days and days, while many of them are quick, often one sitting, paintings. This daily painting practice began after the election in 11/16 as a way to connect with the tangible and direct in extremely turbulent times.