Laura Fischman
(Un)Still Life (12: flowers for gieving)(Un) Still Life (11 - fading pink flowers)(Un)Still Life (10: flowers for an old friend)(Un) Still Life (9: Lemon and Dish)(Un)Still Life (8: Fading Flowers)Un(Still) Life (6: from the garden)(Un)Still Life (7: Anniversary Flowers)(Un)Still Life (1: pears)(Un)Still Life (3: oil can)(Un)Still Life (2: coffee and clementines)(Un)Still Life (4: mom's vase)(Un)Still Life (5: coffee and clementines - up close)(Un)Still Life (after Morandi)(Un)Still Life (color)
(Un)Still Life
After the election last year, I started painting almost daily still lifes as a way to focus on the “tangible” in turbulent times. The meditative practice of daily painting helped to provide structure for me, but I have also realized in doing this, that my desire for control and order is often impossible and even unnecessary. These (Un)Still Life paintings are my attempt to acknowledge that control is not always possible, nor productive. Life moves; control is an illusion; and, that is OK.